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Ginger & Rosa, dir. Sally Potter, 2012

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'In Fear' Blu-Ray Screen Captures 

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‘New Worlds’ Episode 1×01 HD Screen Captures 

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Alice Englert Network • Your first resource for all things Alice Englert 

Your first source for all things Australian actress Alice Englert is finally back.

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Alice Englert Network / Photogallery 

As you probably know, I had several issues with my host so I decided to move the site. Alice Englert Network will be back this week (with a new domain name) but you can already browse the gallery. Enjoy!

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Why haven't you posted anything on twitter yet? Not trying to be bratty or anything (sorry!) just curious! :)

I just forgot to change the url in the sidebar. We are now at @aliceenglertnet ;)

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News (Important) 

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we have some issues with our site and our host, so we are not able to post there, so if you want instant news about Alice and her projects, make sure to follow us on twitter @aliceenglertorg

I am really sorry about that. 
Thank you!

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Are there any social media networks Alice is on?

No, she does not have a twitter or facebook. She said it herself in Yen magazine. So, once again, every accounts who claim to be her are fake.

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Will there be a second movie for beautiful creatures?

Apparently not, anon.

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